For YeY Channel, I work as a segment producer for their online content such as Team YeY Time Out, Team YeY Vlogs, Out of the Box by Team YeY, YeY Chat, Whatchuthink, etc. These are just some of the projects I have produced.

Dangwa Episode for Team YeY Time Out

Image 1
  • This was produced on my first day at work where I wrote the script and helped overlook the shoot. I was also responsible in overseeing the post-production until it was ready to go up on air. This episode showed the kids learning how to make a flower bouquet which they would give to their moms.

Krimstix Softee Episode for Team YeY Vlogs

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  • In partnership with Krimstix Softee, I wrote and produced this episode where they tried using Krimstix Softee for their merienda (snack) time. The kids were in a video call together while showing the process how they made their merienda.

Bring Me for Out of the Box by Team YeY

Image 3
  • This was the first segment I produced when the pandemic lockdown started. Out of the Box by Team YeY is a fun game/challenge segment where the kids just play with each other. This episode shows them playing Bring Me, a known party-game, through video call.

Family Pets for Team YeY Vlogs

Image 4
  • This Team YeY Vlogs episode shows one of the kids with their pets and how they take care of them for the whole day.

Spy and Seek for Out of the Box by Team YeY

Image 5
  • This Out of the Box by Team YeY episode shows the kids having fun with a spot the difference game where they have to spot what’s wrong in the pictures given to them.

Quarantine Bingo for Team YeY Vlogs

Image 6
  • As a way to promote our shows when we were on air, I incorporated the themes of one of the channel’s TV segments and make a bingo card out of it where the kid accomplishes it in the duration of the vlog.